Ascending towards the light


When you are ready to soar higher, there is going to be a struggle between your soul,your flesh and your spirit. If you try to make righteous decisions based on the WORD OF GOD or to obey God, your mind will tell you,you don't have to do the right thing.You will not have fun any more and you will be unhappy. But Holy Spirit wants you to become stronger spiritually to ascend higher towards the LIGHT OF GOD to develop Christ like virtues.

The flesh is struggling against the soul not to tell it what to do and the soul is struggling with the spirit.Our spirit where the Holy Spirit is developing Christ like virtues is telling the soul to go in the path of Light then the the spirit can control the soul which is the mind,will,emotion,intellect and imagination and the soul can communicate to the the flesh or the body to conform to righteous ways and its a struggle.

The spirit is always warring against the soul and the soul warring against the flesh. In my experience, in order to live a successful righteous Christian life, you cannot do it by your will power, you can only do it successfully by submitting totally to the control of the Holy Spirit. If you try to do it by your will power, you will just keep struggling to live righteously. Living righteously to soar towards the Light is a death to self and many people are not willing to pay the price.There lies the dilemma when people will say this person is supposed to be a Christian but living like a sinner.The renewal of the mind has not taken place and the person has not allowed the Holy Spirit to recreate their spirit to become a new creature.

Therefore we need to be patient and love people while they are on their journey to soar towards the Light. I believe the quest is a life time journey.Its painful and it will cost you a great deal.Here is my journey towards the time of solitude like a light bulb, my memory of my struggle to ascend to my Higher Self towards the LIGHT OF GOD came tumbling at me.

When I was married it was not a struggle to live righteously. I had my husband, my dream man built like a basketball player, tall,handsome and a good business man.We lived in the suburb in a 5000 square feet house with a fence, own a dump business truck, a regular truck and an expensive Cadillac car. We had three children and I had my career as a Scientist. We were living the American Dream until one day my husband had a cardiac arrest while he was in the hospital for medical check up and passed away about two decades ago.

My cushion secured life tumbled down. I was crushed, left to raise three children alone. Mockers laughed at me. A month after the death of my husband, one woman walked up to me saying " Look at you now. You thought you were Ms Big stuff, was smiling,enjoying my pain.She proceeded and said " You are a licensed Missionary and you can't have a boyfriend"..

I struggled for three years using my will power to live righteous according to the Bible. Then I came to myself. I got on my knees one day and shed uncontrollably tears. I said to the Holy Spirit if it wasn't possible to live righteous God will not tell us to. Holy Spirit shined His light on me showing me my flaws and started cutting me so I could develop fruits of the Holy Spirit and become a righteous vessel. It was painful and it was like physical death.The unrighteous characters being caught up in the soul, I felt it in my body. I felt Like I was going to die. I lost all my friends in high places.

Holy Spirit separated me to sanctify me to become more useful to the Lord. He shifted me from a church where everybody knew my name and credentials for fourteen years to another church where only three or four people knew me. I was at the bottom, from top to bottom. I felt alone and isolated.Every time I wanted to have a friend,Holy Spirit would tell me the person would take me away from His Path for me.My children were my friends going shopping, to movies and dining.People talked about my social life that it was just church, work and my children.

In order to go higher in the Lord you have to be willing to be alone with Him and to loose some friends who will be stumbling blocks to your growth and purpose. On your journey you just can't take some people with you even some family members. God separated Abraham from his kinsfolk in order to take him to another dimension. He separated Jacob from his kinsfolk. He separated Joseph from his kinsfolk for about thirteen years. He separated Moses from Egypt for forty years to mold him to become a Deliverer for His people. For different reasons they were all separated from their kinsfolk to become more useful to God....

Four years after being in that new church, I had gone through the Potters house broken to pieces, learnt a lot about the WORD OF GOD, how to find my PURPOSE, fulfill it and how to carry out Gods Vision for my life.Then HOLY SPIRIT spoke to me to write the book THE NEW LIFE IN CHRIST THE PATH OF LIFE. It took four years to write the book.Every free time that was available, I sat in the Presence of the Holy Spirit and he poured into me and I would write. Then it took me one to two years to self publish it.

This book is a gift from the Holy Spirit to the world. During my life time I will witness more life to be changed by the knowledge from the Holy Spirit in this book THE NEW LIFE IN CHRIST THE PATH OF LIFE. The book is not for the fainted heart. It is for people who desire to have a real relationship with Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

Over the years people who knew me well by the spirit would tell me they wanted to be like me and wished they are gifted like me. I looked at them with compassion and would say "get in the Presence of God" I am glad I paid the price to ascend towards the Light. No matter what other ways people offer to people, one thousand years from now, if the earth is still around THE NEW LIFE IN CHRIST WILL STILL BE THE PATH OF LIFE. There is no other path.There is no short cut to become spiritual according to the Bible.This is my firm belief.But everyone is allowed to choose their own path and belief in life..Blessings to you..

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By Dr Evelyn Gilliam

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