Achieving higher awareness in your path of life

HIGHER AWARENESS: This is not for the faint at heart.

 It is just my philosophical thought and I feel compelled to write it.Everyone should be allowed to choose their own PATH in life. I believe that by the time a person is 30 years old he or she should be enlightened enough to start choosing the Path of Light but this is not always the case.

How then does a person arrive at this Path? Should it be like "EURICA" when Isaac Newton finally discovered the LAW OF GRAVITY after many failed attempts. If you think a person is going in a Path of destruction how can you enlighten him or her to get on the Path of Light? But if what I or you consider light may not align with what another person considers to be Light? Why are Nations caught up in chaos like some invisible cloud is just dragging them to a sinking gulf of no return.. Why are people of this world just caught up in this Path of chaos and superficial living? Is it because the people leading us have no Light in them but leading because they have financial wealth and are successful by the world standard?

Financial wealth is not evil. Having influence is not evil..But why are we caught up in this Chaos?... It seems like people are in a daze caught up in ages of trance like state always in a hurry to where? We need to slow down and consider, where are we heading? If you read this to the end, you may ask what is Dr Evelyn talking points. .....Just my thought to take time and consider individually where are you heading? ..Dig deep ....What is the Essence of Life?

If you can answer these questions individually. ...just may be in a Nation like America we can collectively head towards the PATH OF LIGHT... BACK TO THE CREATOR OUR GOD THE GOD OF LIGHT......AND AMERICA WILL BE LIKE A LIGHTED CANDLE SHINING BRIGHTLY ON A HILL. AND BE A BEACON OF LIGHT TO NATIONS by Dr Evelyn Gilliam.......Just my thought... If you enjoy my philosophy on life and Christianity and would like to dig deeper, read The New Life in Christ: The Path of life book. Click here for more information.

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