Spiritual slumber to spiritual awakening


"Many of us are in a SPIRITUAL SLUMBER. IT IS TIME FOR SPIRITUAL AWAKENING. But do we want to wake up? We don't want to slow down and be in solitude to examine ourselves and find enlightenment from a Higher Source; the GOD OF LIGHT; THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE. We are too busy living a lower level life to show case our success.

I have decided that I will compete with myself to become a better version of Who God wants me to be. That means sitting down in quietness and allowing His Light to flow through me, so I will not lose my Path, and to stay connected to Him. I am slowing down to consider my ways, so I can stay in the LIGHT, and at the Place Of ILLUMINATION.

People are too busy to be in solitude for the Path of Light; to be enlightened, so that they may find out they are not as great as they think they are, because the light of God will reveal all their flaws and areas where they need to make changes to reach for their their HIGHER SELF.

Some of us use our solitude just to find out how to achieve more goals. We only want more success. We say we love God, but we don't want to change to develop the fruits that will show true success. We just want to live a plastic life, and look good on the outside, while our inner man is not growing to be like our Creator. It's too much work.

I think most of us simply enjoy being Egotistical. I have decided to examine myself on a regular basis so that I don't get caught up in Who Evelyn Gilliam is."

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