The New Life in Christ: The Path of Life

Do you know the essence of life? Have you ever wondered if you are on the true path of life? In The New Life in Christ: The Path of Life, you will discover principles for:

  • Understanding the true meaning of life and what Christianity is all about
  • Building or redesigning your path in life spiritually through Jesus Christ
  • Restoring hope in situations that seem hopeless
  • Develop confidence when life is shaky and uncertain
  • Victorious living
  • Unlocking the power of healing following a life in Christ
  • Go deeper into Christianity by learning about the power to overcome evil and break generational curses
  • How living a life in Christ empowers you to overcome fear.

The collection of stories woven into each chapter, is a memoir about the author following a life in Christ. Author, Evelyn Gilliam, shares her spiritual journey to motivate and empower you to live their best life through Jesus Christ. Having a more fulfilled and meaningful spiritual life is the key to success. This book was written for non believers and believers. New Christians and veterans alike can benefit from each chapter. At the end of each chapter, you will answer questions to help you reflect on what you've read. There are Biblical scriptures available for reference on each chapter anytime you'd like to expand your understanding.

Whether you are interested in Christianity or seeking personal spiritual growth in different areas, this book is for you!


Rave Reviews

"Dr. Gilliam is an accomplished writer and fearless leader. In the New Life in Christ: The Path of Life she uses her powerful words to skillfully lead you through self examination and introspection into the ultimate joy of faith, peace and the love of Jesus. Her "Thoughts for Life" at the end of each chapter provide you with soul searching questions that instill confidence and trust in the wonders of God. I speak these words from personal experience using Dr. Gilliam's book to help me through the grieving process after my beloved fathers death. I highly recommend this book for its sheer healing powers."

Mariann B.

Entrepreneur since 1999


" Evelyn has clearly given evidence of the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to transform a life. After being raised and influenced by witchcraft and other spiritual rituals, it is evident that God's hands was upon her life. She is a living testament to the transforming power of God. I highly recommend this book, as it will help anyone who is searching for the ABC's of how to develop a closer walk with God."

Dr. Colleen A

Evangelist/ Gospel Singer


 "Ultimately written for the new believer, A New Life in Christ, inevitably gives the seasoned mature christian a wake up call to recognize God's goodness and all the benefits of serving Him. Evelyn Gilliam shares intimate details of her life as awesome testimonies of deliverance, healing, peace among many---providing hope for the reader that because God is no respecter of persons, what He has done for her, he will do for them. Added to the richness of the Word of God throughout a New Life in Christ is the thought-provoking segment found in each chapter that not only instills comprehension but allows the reader to reflect on past, present and future actions to further propel a New Life in Jesus Christ. Christians new and old will for time to come refer to A New Life in Christ as an anointed message of hope and insight."

S. Thomas

Owner of Editorial Company

"I was visiting my son and found the book in the bathroom. When I picked up this book and started reading, I could not put it down because of the richness of the word and power of God in Ms. Evelyn's life. I just sat there and read it for hours. Thank you for being a testimony of the power of God."

Mother T.

"I used this book as my daily devotional to get closer to God and grow spiritually."

Marshall J.

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