About Dr. Evelyn

Evelyn Gilliam, an Environmental Quality Scientist, has been teaching and preaching the Gospel for all of twenty five years. A Pastor who imparts the Kingdom principles of spiritual development for purposeful living, authentic empowerment through Jesus Christ, and genuine scripture-based success, she has devoted uncommonly fervent effort to the areas of Motivation and Inspiration; Personal Development; Leadership Training; and the training of Individuals and Churches for Evangelical work in Ministry.

An accomplished writer and speaker, Dr. Gilliam uses her book to skillfully guide readers through a process of self-examination and introspection that gently leads them to a place of joy, faith, peace and an abiding love of Jesus Christ. Employing "Thoughts for Life" at the end of each chapter, she further provides the reader with soul searching questions that ultimately instill confidence and trust in the wonders of a truly magnificent God.

A New Life in Christ was written to accord the seasoned and mature christian the rare opportunity of recognizing God's goodness as the ultimate benefit of serving Him selflessly and faithfully. Humbly sharing awe-inspiring testimonies of her own stories of deliverance and healing, she seeks to imbue a certain hope for the reader in the perfectly valid knowledge that, since God is no respecter of persons, what He has done for her, He can, and will do for the reader. Whether you are just manifesting an incipient interest in Christianity, or seeking personal spiritual growth in different areas, this book was created for you.