The Path of Life Initiative

The Path of Life Initiative was created to initiate actions that makes a lasting impact through public speaking, individual or group coaching, consulting and religious ministry. Dr. Evelyn Gilliam gets to the root of the matter with coaching clients to impart insight into how they can live their best lives. In a world full of noise and confusion, coaching services are offered to improve lives and offer a fresh and empathetic approach. The goal is to help clients find clarity, get them on the right path that makes sense for them. After discovering that path, clients will be coached through tackling all kinds of difficulties from various situations to help them soar. Proper assessment called for the action to create the Divine Revelation for Soul Winning Academy to help churches become more efficient in the area of evangelism. Founder, Dr. Evelyn Gilliam, will offer her perspective, experience and expertise to add value to enrich your audience's experience. Dr. Evelyn welcomes the opportunity to spread her message and speak at seminars, panels, conferences, congregations and non christian organizations.

Through The Path of Life Initiative, problems are assessed and plans are initiated to make impact in the world.

  • We are raising awareness for the need to restructure and organize evangelism departments in religious organizations world wide.
  • We are raising awareness for people to read the book The New Life in Christ: The Path of Life in order to get on a godly based path of life and really understand what it means to be a Christian.
  • We are also raising awareness that we are open to collaborations in order for The Initiative to do good works.

Although we support charities, we do not accept donations and we do not have a 501C3 designation as a non profit.